Thursday, June 13, 2013

Birthday Party.....Birthday week

Grayson had a birthday week or even longer. We celebrated with many cake smashes and different family and friends through out the week.
Gray was sugar wasted pretty much all week and I was feeling pretty blessed that so many people cared enough to make his 1st birthday memorable.

The morning of his actual birthday we had birthday waffles, just like I did with Dax when he turned one as well.
Grayson was super happy and thought the candle was great.

 For his birthday, we went to Sweet Tooth Fairy for some cupcakes and headed off to the big park in Draper. That afternoon after his nap, we decided we would hit up the aquarium. It was an unforgettable day with my birthday boy and his older brother.

Mckay got home late, so the boys and I had dinner, then waited for Mckay to get home to sing happy birthday and smash his cupcake.

My Mom and Dad had a Birthday party at their home for not only Grayson, but my niece, Maggie and my two nephews, Jacksen and Dylan. All 4 of their birthdays are within 4 days of each other. It was so fun and pretty special that we get to share their special days.

Notice the slight black eye Gray is sporting? Learning how to walk was hard on this kid. :(
Grayson's Party was that next Saturday. We all went bowling, came back to our place for dinner,  presents, and tons of treats :) 
Jacksen and Dylan. The ones that teach my kids how to be tough. :)
Gray's Aunt Angie and cousins, Treyson, Whit, Jordan and River.
I always have lots of fun getting decorations and the details put together. Lots of work, but totally worth it. Instead of a cake I had sugar cookie bars with lots of other yummy bars for dessert. I thought I'd break out of the normal cake.

Birthday sugar cookie smash.

Digging in with some of his cousins and big brother

My nieces gave Gray a bath after the party and they left this little note on the tub wall. I loved it.

While we were in St. George, Grayson's cousin, Cache who is just 2 weeks older than Gray, shared a delicious chocolate cake after we sang happy birthday to them. It's so fun having these two close in age.  I have to add that even though Cache is larger than my skinny little twerp of a kid, Grayson dominated that cake while Cache or "Beef" as they call him picked away. Really Grayson, why cant you put on some weight?!?

Off to the bath with our filthy but adorable babes.

 Talk about turning ONE in many different ways! See, I wasn't kidding when I said we celebrated Gray for a whole week, or longer! He's totally worth it!

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