Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bitter Sweet

Our last day in the town home was happy and sad, but mostly happy by the looks on our faces, we were ready. The sun was shining and we were going out with a bang! There is a large grass area outside our back door that we share with other families. Lots of room to run around and play.   Although, as we were goofing around I couldn't help but think how happy I was going to be, doing this in our own back yard on our own grass that I didn't have to share. (I'm pretty stingy, huh?) We had so many good memories there and feel so blessed to have gotten to know and share those 2 yrs with great people in our neighborhood.

Picked a "flower" for mommy

I bet that dandelion smells real nice, Gray! 

He got a hair cut that evening. Long over due!

Makes me happy more than words

Dax was SO happy! Not sure what he was doing besides just being silly here.

Love <3 td="">

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