Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vegas and St. George

We went to Vegas with some of the Stika clan for spring break. It was fun escaping Utah's long stretch of freezing temps and no sun with lots of sunshine, good food and family time. We went swimming, explored some fun spots in Vegas, got ice cream and lots more.


Gray and Maggie taking a rest

Sunbathing beauty

I put finger paints in the big tub for my kids to play with. 
The drive was somewhat difficult, but I can't complain. They are 2 very little boys stuck in a car for 6 hrs and I was by myself.

Entertaining themselves 

The Beatles runway in Vegas.

Running like crazy up and down the lights

Then, we took off from Vegas and headed to St. George for a weekend with McKay. He flew in after work on Friday to meet us and get some much needed family time. We stayed at the house, played in the sandbox, jumped on the tramp, and again ate lots of good food. (I also got a mini shopping trip in) Yeah!

Grayson wasn't a huge fan of taking turns and pushing Dax

.....so, Dax was trooper and pushed him most of the time.

Dax's superman swing style!

Love it when they play together (its pretty rare)

My boys LOVE the sandbox. 

Feeling the sand run through his hand

Taking a break for a kiss.

Ready to catch dad!

Goof ball!

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